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Do you ever wonder who first thought of Novelty Cufflinks? Someone woke up one morning and decided he had to have a Spirit Level cufflink on each wrist. Or maybe a rubber duckie cufflink. Or perhaps it was a Compass cufflink to find his way home – we won’t ask why!

The Novelty Cufflinks phenomenon has come a long way since then. Novelty Cufflinks now come in all shapes and sizes. We are particularly fond of our Novelty Cufflinks range and can’t resist adding any new Novelty Cufflinks we can find! So, whatever your hobby, taste, occupation or predilection, we aim to have Novelty Cufflinks for you.

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our Novelty Cufflink range? Please let us know – we can’t stock everything we are offered, particularly in the novelty cufflink section!

All Benjamin Cufflinks products come with our:

  • Product Guarantee;
  • Delivery Guarantee; and our
  • Service Guarantee.

  • See "Our Promise to you" for more information.

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