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We receive a lot of enquiries for engravable cufflinks. Many people ask if all our range is engravable.

Unfortunately, most of our cufflinks are plated. While many engravers will engrave or etch onto them (“entirely at your own risk”!), there is a risk of damage to the plating and we should point out that engraving them voids any warranty on the cufflinks themselves.

That is why we imported these specially made engravable cufflinks! All cufflinks in this section - whether Sterling Silver or Plated - are guaranteed by our suppliers to be engravable. Engraving on them will therefore not void the warranty should any other fault occur on the product!

We do not currently offer engraving services. We recommend finding a local engraver who uses computer engraving - this enables you to approve the artwork prior to engraving and is a more reliable finish than hand engraving.

All Benjamin Cufflinks products come with our:

  • Product Guarantee;
  • Delivery Guarantee; and our
  • Service Guarantee.

  • See "Our Promise to you" for more information.

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