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The original aim in setting up Benjamin Cufflinks was to sell the very best in Cufflinks. Cufflinks and nothing but cufflinks was the first thought.

But then, following several harried and stressful shopping expeditions, we realised that cufflink boxes are really hard to find! So that was it – Cufflink Boxes had to be added to the website. After all, storage of your beloved cufflinks collection must be just as important as the cufflinks themselves!

We have been very fortunate to locate amazing leather and wood cufflink boxes. These are a magnificent addition to your dresser or drawer and the safest place to store all your Benjamin Cufflinks purchases!

All Benjamin Cufflinks products come with our:

  • Product Guarantee;
  • Delivery Guarantee; and our
  • Service Guarantee.

  • See "Our Promise to you" for more information.

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